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Welcome one and all to the first issue/version/release of Mochdre News.
We like to think we've got something for everybody. so please take a look around.
If you think there is a feature that the site could benefit from then please let us know and we'll do our best to include it.
So, what goes where then? OK, a quick tour. Starting with the main navigation links above...
HOME iconHOME: What can I say, this is it, the starting point. This is where all the latest local gossip news will be presented. That is, once our residents have e-mailed in their news, announcements etc.
Send in a pictures (for "special" birthdays etc) with your news items and we'll try to include that too.
SOLD iconFOR SALE: If you've got something to sell this is the place for you! Whether it's house, a car or box of Lego you won't find better advertising rates this side of anywhere.
For example, sell your car on it's own web page, including six photographs and any amount (within reason) of text info' for just £ 16.00 for a month, whatever the value of the car.
Compare that with a certain car trader site, your ad is posted for two weeks and costs up to £ 29.00 (as per source
SERVICES iconSERVICE FINDER: You have a leaking tap or a blown fuse and you don't know who to call. Take a look at the service finder pages for a comprehensive list of who is available and how to contact them.
Incidentally, if you know of any trades people who may fit the bill let us know and we'll add their details.
A simple text entry is free. Entries with integrated image galleries are also available (cost subject to content).
COUNCILLORS iconFORUM: Why not take a minute or two to register as a user of our very own forum. To start off it is a bit of a free for all but with sufficient user interest and active participation there is scope for a wide variety of themed pages to be added as time goes by. Sign up now, it's free. All we ask is..."be nice to each other" :)
CONTACT US iconCONTACT US: This is how you reach us to pass on your news, announcements, gags, image files and advertising copy.

Laughing MaskGag of the
Send in your favourite gags
as all of the best/cleanest are published on the just for laughs comedy page.
Go on, share the joke!

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Snaps Photo Services
Need some photos for your sales ad?
Need some pics to brighten your walls? Look in here before you go anywhere else.

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